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HugBoard is a space to cheer on or cheer up a friend.

Create one for someone you know, let friends and family cover it with encouragement and support, and watch their spirits soar.

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Each HugBoard you create includes unlimited invitations. Invited friends can add a card for free.


Each person you invite can help spread the word by passing the invitation along. Friends can also come back to add a new card at any time.


Every HugBoard is unique. Add custom notes, inspiring quotes, and fun photos to create a personalized collage of love and support.


A Hug Board is a great way to show someone they’re surrounded by friends and family who are there for them every step of the way. Here are a few ways you can use a HugBoard to cheer up or cheer on someone you love:

  • Help someone heal with a steady stream of “get well soon” messages and prayers.
  • Encourage a runner as they train for a couch to 5K, half marathon, marathon, or any other race.
  • Help a friend stay motivated and supported on their weight-loss journey.
  • Show someone deployed in the military how much they’re missed and appreciated by everyone back home.
  • Tell a student, "You can do it!" as they prepare for the SAT, Bar exam, medical board exams, or other stressful tests.
  • Support a relative as they kick a bad habit. 
  • Comfort a friend  and help them move on after a bad breakup or divorce.
  • Give someone hope as they look for a new job.
  • Touch someone’s heart with daily inspirational quotes.